Exporting and importing rules



We're converting from one windows email server in a domain to another in a
different domain and I believe the rules I've created won't get converted. I
see that I can export and import rules. What about Folders ? Do I need to
recreate all folders ? Any hints/advice on pitfalls/obstacles in this
process would be greatly appreciated.



Roady [MVP]

It would all depend on the mail server and the method your administrators
are using to migrate the content.
In general rules will indeed not come over or will need to be recreated
anyway so exporting them might not solve your issue. Depending on the
infrastructure and method of migration, the rules might actually come over
correctly as well.

Considering that they will migrate your entire mailbox and that those
folders were created server-side, folders will be migrated as well.

As said before; contact your administrator for more information about how
they are performing the migration and what type of end-user interaction is
required before and after the migration.

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