Importing Lotus notes address book into EXCEL



I attempted to accomplish the above task by exporting Lotus Notes data to a
CSV file and importing to xl. My problem is that some of the data does not
import as one record one line, it wraps to two lines which causes data to be
in the wrong columns. I have tried the same process with MS Outlook without a

Is this a common problem related to Lotus Notes, and is there a way to fix
it? I checked the Lotus Notes database and the data is in the proper fields.


Perhaps you have some spurious characters in there which are
interpreted as Line Feeds (or end of record). Have you tried opening
it with Notepad? Adjust the margins and set a non-proportional font
(eg Courier), and you should be able to see the offending records
quite easily if it is down to line-feed characters.

If you don't have too many, you can manually delete the line breaks in
Notepad and then save it back, so that you could then import it into
Excel once more.

Hope this helps.


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