Importing from Excel



I have an excel spredsheet that I use to import data to an access table. I
cannot use linking since I want to add additional fields to the table that do
not exist in the spreadsheet; and I cannot change the fields in the
spreadsheet. How can I update the table from a spreadsheet that changes
daily without creating duplicate records in the table. If I select index,
duplicates ok, it creates mutliple duplicate records. If I select no
duplicates, it will not update the existing records.



John Nurick

Hi John,

Use a linked table, and set up another table with the additional fields,
with a 1:1 relationship between them.



Long Live Aaron Kempf

you should be using SQL Server and DTS or SSIS

I mean-- Accecss it not an ETL tool; don't try to re-invent the wheel

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