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I have table called Variance and another table call completed audits, what I
want to do is pick up basic information (policy number, insured name) from
the completed audits and copy that information into the Variance table. Now
I want to do this in a form that is based on the Variance table the user
search (separate form) for the policy number, insured name from the
completed audits table and press a command button that copy the record in my
Variance form. How can I do this and if anyone know of any real world
examples or website to visit I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


Jeff Boyce

I'll urge you to reconsider. It sounds like you are proposing to copy data
(policy number, name, ... "basic information) from one table to another.

While this might be the only (or primary) way you'd need to hand this if you
were working with Excel, MS Access is a relational database. You need to
organize your data relationally if you want to get the full use of Access'

There are some very good reasons NOT to copy (redundant) data from one table
to another. Perhaps the strongest is that you would then have two copies of
the same data ... and which one is the CORRECT one?! What happens if
someone changes a name (spelling) in your first table after you have copied
that name to the second table?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

Microsoft IT Academy Program Mentor

Microsoft Registered Partner

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