I have a form call "Audits", which contains the following field:
"Audit Table"
Policy Number
Auditor Name
Billing type

Then I have another form call "Auditors Desk Count" using a query
summarizing from the Audit Table, the Auditor's Name and the number of
policies they have audited not a problem there. What I want to do is have
have the Audits form open and the Auditors Desk Count form open, again not a
problem there. When the Audits form gets populated the Auditors Desk Count
gets updated automatically. What I need to do is a requery, but how can I
do this automaticly when the user populates the Audits form while the
Auditors Desk Count is open as well? Where do I put the requery statement
(before update) and in what form. Thank you in advance.


You cannot requery a query based on a table to show newly added data before
update - before it updates, it only exists *on-screen*, not in the table that
the query is *looking* at.


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