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IT Zone Newswire - Issue 182
28 July 2005

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Editor's Note
By now you are probably aware of my views about government IT
projects. So this week I'm handing over the Editor's Note to
Susan Gompels, who, like many of us on AccountingWEB, is
desperate for e-systems that work.

Responding to our article about Lord Carter's review of HMRC
online systems, Susan wrote: "Too many reviews appear to have the
outcome pre-prepared and the 'consultation' then set up merely as
a cosmetic process to validate the agreed result. This one must
be different or HMRC systems will implode as more and more e-
services are added - and each fails to meet predictable demands."

Why not let Lord Carter know your thoughts and suggestions too:

John Stokdyk
mailto:[email protected]

Kypera: the fully integrated accounting, business and CRM system
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Latest News

Government bats back tax credits barrage
Opposition politicians put pressure on the Treasury last week
with a string of written questions on the tax credits system.

Excel clinic: Triggering a worksheet change event
Simon Hurst's latest tutorial shows how to create drop-down
menus in Excel and link them to an Access database.

Gadget Watch: Motorola still Razr sharp
Motorola's new wireless products include a Blackberry-like
keyboard phone and a sunglasses headset. But no iTunes.

Win a free holiday worth 400 pounds!
The implementation of Microsoft Navision by Tectura has saved
Kompan's finance department one man-week per month. What would
you do with an extra week each month? The member that comes up
with the most innovative response will win a 400-pound voucher. Click here:

Internet Monitor

British PC manufacturer faces administration

CaseWare Working Papers linked into WorkSite

Expert Guides: How to cope with computer errors

David Carter's Five Minute Pivot Table Tips


Steven Tuckwell launches new Corporation Tax Pro tool
AccountingWEB member Steven Tuckwell has produced a
100-pound Excel-based program called Corporation Tax Pro.

Sage, SunSystems and Exchequer - Comprehensive Software Reviews

Any Answers in association with Bank of Scotland Corporate
Thanks this week to all our contributors, including Alison
Reeves, John Rabitte, Dan Jones, Andrew Martin, Jon Savage,
Angela Walker, Steve Checkley, D Pottie, Alastair Harris,
Alan Webb and Steve Mayhew. If you've got a question, or
can help other IT Zone users, visit:

* Raymond Downham gets some online VBA diagnosis

* Can anyone help Chris Martin assign names to MS Word
documents from within ACT!?

* Ian Burrell is one of two members looking for accounts
production software

* Catherine Hammond is the other accounts prep software hunter


Search our databse for the latest training courses


Inca whitepaper: Spreadsheet Planning - The Rough Road Ahead
LexisNexis Butterworths has worked with Digita to create Tolley's
compliance software for accountants in practice. Find out more:

Solve your IHT problems with PTP Group
PTP Software has produced two software programs to help with IHT.
IHT Planner shows the effect of projected lifetime gifts and IHT
Return helps users complete IHT200, 205 and 207 forms.


Oracle signs up Version One document management solutions

CCH launches the latest in online training - e-CPD

CODA Acquires Simple Concepts AB for 3.25m euros

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