Import from Outlook Express does not work correctly


Hans Näslund


I recently migrated from Outlook Express to Outlook (after briefly
testing Windows Live Mail, which I don't like). But I have a problem:

When importing my mail messages from OE, the import feature does not
import a large number of messages which are stored in a folder cvalled
Lists, which contains all the email lists which I subscribe to (all
other folder are imported correctly).

I don't really understanjd why these folders with their contect are
not imported - but instead I have tried to drag-and-drop the *.eml
files from OE into Outlook. But when I do so, I get the error message
"The objects cannot be copied". And then this message shows up: "The
command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using."

I have previously managed to import eml files by simply
drag-and-dropping them into Outölook. Why does it not work now? And
how do I verify the switch I am using??

Please help!




Roady [MVP]

Don't use the Import feature of Outlook but use the Export feature of
Outlook Express instead.




Hi, sorry but i have the same problem. One slight issue... there is no
Outlook Express on Windows 7! So how can i export to Office Outlook? :-S

Also, when i try to import from Outlook, it says it is doing so; nothing
happens, nothing is imported.


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