import excel data - scientific notation




I've read some of the previous questions about this issue and the
suggestions (see attempted fixes below) did not fix my issue.

When I import my data from Excel into Access, the data, which is a very long
digit integer (ie. 123456789654357453), turns into scientific notation in
some cases.

Current Process:
Before I import from Excel into Access, I always do a text to columns in
Excel on that data, to clean up that column. Then I sort the column
descending so that my data, when imported into Access, starts with true
"text" data (ie. 1-15648-15) and the "numeric" data (ie. 123456) will come
after (I've found that Access will have errors if numeric data is imported
before text data in that same field).

Attempted Fixes:
I've tried creating a blank table in Access and in design view changing that
field to "text" before I import. But when I import this scientific notation
issue still occurs.

Is there something I should or should not be doing in Excel/Access? Could
it be that I'm doing a text to columns in Excel which is screwing up the data?


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