Import Excel Data into existing table



I am trying to import an Excel spreadsheet into an existing table. There are
about 12 columns of information, and no formulas. I make sure that the
column headers in Excel match up with the field names in Access. When import
the data, I go to File --> get external data > import, and it appears to be
successful. However, when I open up the table, the data isn't there. Any

Nikos Yannacopoulos


It sounds like there's a misunderstanding here. When you go File > Get
External Data > Import, and select an Excel file to import, you get an
import wizard which guides you through selecting the sheet, declaring
whether the first row is headers or not, allows you to define/change
field names etc, and finally imports into a *new* table... so "the
column headers in Excel match up with the field names in Access" doesn't
really make sense here.
From what you say, either you are importing into another table (if you
get lazy and hit Finish in the import wizard before you change the
destination table name in the last step, the table will be named after
the sheet name - did you look for Sheet1 or something?) so when you look
at your original there's still no data there, or (because of your
mistake or a non-working wizard) no import avtually takes place.
Check the above, and come back with more details if you still need help.



Hi Nicolle,

If you want to add information into another table from an excel spreadsheet
the easiest thing to do is
1. Save the spreadsheet as a new table
2. Create an append query to the original table - matching the columns/data
types/parameters etc.
3. Save over the new table each time you want to import data and run the
append query.

-I had the same problem

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