Import e-mails into Exchange Profile



I have a current e-mail account (pop, imap, doesn't matter) With
1,000's of e-mails contacts, etc.

I just purchased a hosted exchange solution. So I have created a New
Outlook profile with this account where all my e-mails are coming into.
On the exchange server I have only 200mb, well less that the total size
of my OLD e-mails (original profile).

I know I can go into the "data file managemnt" and add the OLD pst
into the NEW exchange profile and the OLD e-mails/contacts/calander
will show up when I log ingto the NEW profile, but they will be
seperate and if you visualize it, on the task pane all the items will
be in a seperate hierarchy than the NEW stuff.

I also know I can Import the old data into the new profile, however
this is not feasible because If i did that, all the data will
immeadetly be uploaded to the exchange server, and will be filled up.

The question is two-fold I gueess. 1) Can I import the old data into my
new profile LOCALLY without it uploading to the server and 2) can I
setup outlook so that it downloads all the new e-mails off the server
and DELETES them off the server when there is a copy locally on my

I really don't care to have a copy on the server, as the only time I
would need that is just to quickly check for NEW mails using the web
access, which would work out perfect if I could figure out the above.

Thanks for you time in advance.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

you can use rules to more mail to you put or set Outlook to use a pst for
exchange. Using rules is better as it leaves calendar and contacts on the
server so you can access them from any where.

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