IMP!"Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" option in W


Avinash Rao

Dear all,

I am using WINXP-SP3 on HP Workstations and all the computers are in the
same LAN and workgroup.
All computers login locally and have the same user account and password to
login locally. The network has been configured with TCP/IP, File and Print
Sharing and Firewall has been disabled. All computers can access the internet
without any problem.

Recently, i had problems connecting to one computers hard drive by running
the command //hostname/c$... which i usually do. When i checked the
destination computer, i noticed that the "Allow users to connect remotely to
this computer" in the properties of My Computer was unchecked. When i enabled
this option, i could connect to this computer over the LAN without any

My question, isn't this option only to enable "Remote Desktop" connections?
What is it got to do with the file sharing? Coz, when this option was
disabled, the user couldn't share any directory or file that the user
created. If he right clicked, the share and security option was greyed out!

Can anyone throw light on this!

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