Remote desktop, local network shares and blank passwords



I need to share a couple of folders on my LAN with users that have
blank passwords, but I also need to have remote desktop access to one
of my local computers.
Is it possible to share a folder with users that have blank passwords,
without disabling the blank password security policy?
I would like to apply 'limit local account use of blank passwords to
console logon only' policy to remote desktop connection but disable it
for local network access - is there a workaround?



Hi this is Ram

Well i have had the same problem earlier there is no work around for this we
need to have the pwds for teh user accbnn in order to access the shared
foledeers and files on a particular computer.

Coming to remote desktop also the same applies

Now ae your computers in work group or Domain connection type

Have a great Day


I would think carefully about your network policies, and whether they are the
best approach from both a security and useability point of view.

In general it is bad practice to share-out data from terminals, because the
one thing you can be sure of is that the data won't be backed-up. Putting
the data on a server is the best policy. This need not be anything special,
just a computer with a decent backup-solution attached.

Then, have users log-on properly. This way there is no need to resort to
blank passwords.

If your network is small, and you thus don't want to go to the
expense/complexity of a domain-based system, my tagline has an alternative
which is very simple to set-up and gives users a 'domain-like' logon.

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