I'm desperate. Please help!



Hello everyone and thankyou for taking your time to read this. I
apologize for posting in multiple groups (for some of you have noticed)
but I need maximum feedback. Here's the nitty gritty.

The database is for BF Goodrich (Michelin's company). This could be
distributed worldwide, so if you have a direct helping hand in it, I
will have no problem with putting names and contact details in the
information somewhere.

Lets start with the table. Here's a snapshot of what it looks like.


What is being stored is information about engineering schematics. Large
G sized drawings that are about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The table
holds all details including a link to the file on the network.

The form I've constructed looks like this.



If you'll notice I labed 4 fields as filters. I would like these to be
dropdown boxes. PROJECT, PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and DISCIPLINE, while
holding 22,000 values, are of a limited variety. Project for example
has Group9, Group7, VMI, Electrical, but over and over.

I would like the first filter (DROPDOWN) to only show a list of all
possible ones, and then that filtered list is passed on to the 2nd,
then to the 3rd, and finally to the 4th.

At this point I think a LISTBOX could be overlayed ontop of the NOTE2
area so that the filtered drawings could be selected (which will update
the preview image placeholder on the right).


Examine note 3. I put this search field here because this program is
supposed to make life easier for a whole load of engineers, however I
have been unable to get the following results.

1 > user enters keyword(s) in formbased search field
2 > all fields in the table are searched. ALL of them, for any and all
3 > listbox (organized by the drawing numbers @ note1) appears for them
to select from, updating preview on right side


I'm not a professional coder, and my Access experience is limited. Not
the ideal situation for replacing old software
but it's something that must be done.

My email is visible to you but thanks to ISIS, IBM and Michelin
internet security standards and practices, I'm unable to access gmail
from work (my replies could be slow.)

If you think you can directly help me over the phone, please feel free
to contact me (Kyle) at the following work number. Our automated
attendant is reachable at 1-205-752-1529 extension 433 (dial anytime
after the female voice begins talking). Thankyou everyone for posts,
emails, and calls. You don't know how much I appreciate it.

~ Kyle Green


You can build your own drop-downs (populate them with whatever you want) in
Visual Basic. Procedure is quite straightforward and easy. Thus, you can use
the "results" of each preceding "filter" (selection) to "seed" the next one.
Feel free to contact me for more information:

jor_el@NO SPAMspinfinder.com

Please include, in your email, how much VB experience you have.




You can use DISTINCT to populate your filter combo with unique items from
the repeating list of the same stuff over and over. Then you can use that in
a cascade to filter other combo values or not. You can keep each filter
populated based on their own little sql command.


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