illegal 2003 server to legal 2003 + exchange




A new client has an illegal 2003 windows running exchange 2003 trial
version. now they are going to purchace Small Business Server and asked
me guide them thru the upgrading process.

upgrading the Exchange 2003 Trial to the standard version is not a
problem, just load the cd and click reinstall. my problem is with the
illegal 2003 server...if I load the new and legal CD and reinstall will
everything go smoothly? is it better to not install the new CD at all
and run some application that registers the new 2003 serial with
microsoft, keeping the current installation with a new serial? is there
such an application? :)

one more thing: what would you guys recommend, first get the 2003 server
upgrade out of the way and then deal with Exchange or the other way around?


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