IIS7 on Vista - FrontPage Server Extensions



I'm trying to publish an asp.net website using Visual Studio 2008 to IIS7
running on Vista ultimate.
I get the error:
The Web server does not appear to have FrontPage Server Extensions

First off, isn't frontpage extensions deprecated now?

Second, how do I get this website published?

already tried:
-uninstalling IIS and reinstalling
-enabling every feature under IIS
-completely deleted the website and recreated it from scratch, even using
different names

please help


I installed the preferred web deployment tool, but it doesn't seem to do
what I need.
I'm trying to install locally, and it has me start to create the package at
the local IIS website, not from the visual studio folder.

I installed the frontpage server extensions and extended the site in
question. I got a different error message:
The Web server does not appear to have any authentication methods enabled.
It asked for user authentication, but did not send a WWW-Authenticate

Googling that error leads me to nothing.. allusions to Windows Firewall
(which I have disabled since I'm behind a router) and other things that
don't apply to my situation.

is there any way to fix either IIS or Visual Studio settings-wise to get
this publishing properly?


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