IIS, RRAS with DOD VPN Drops after 20 mins



I have a w2k adv server running IIS (for web site only) and RRAS (for local
domain to access Internet)

all is working great both inbound and outbound.

after setting up a DOD to our home office and adding the required static
route to initiate the DOD, everything works the machine behind the RRAS
connects fine to everything. can access all they need. however after exactly
20 minutes the DOD VPN connection drops, the idle time is set at 1 hour. I
solved the problem I thought by removing the IIS service from the server and
for a short time the DOD stayed connected for the idle time defined. Now
all the sudden I am back to dropping at 20 minutes.

any idea

Angelo Cook

Angelo Cook

After rebuilding the server and not installing IIS all seems to be working.

is there a problem with IIS and RRAS on the same machine??

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