IESHIMS.DLL, WER.DLL and MJPEG codec missing!!!!!



Where can I get IESHIMS.DLL and WER.DLL and can someone tell me where to get
a good MJPEG codec (preferably free!) or tell me where on my system the codec
might be or have been? Any idea whose codec it might have been? (Read on
for clues.)

I know that DirectShow is part of Windows and contains an mjpeg encoder and
an mjpeg decoder. But these do not comprise a codec with fourCC code MJPG,
which what I had and what I need.

I also know that IESHIMS.DLL is supposed to be in 'Program Files\Internet
Explorer'. Well, it ain't there. What is there is something called
xpshims.dll, which might be IESHIMS.DLL for XP. The literature seems to
imply that IESHIMS.DLL is needed by IE8 running under Windows Vista. Who
knows? But an awful lot of DLL's on my system depend on IESHIMS.DLL and

How any of the above came to be of concern:

Because my computer was beginning to bark, I uninstalled a bunch of old
and/or unused software such as Wild Tangent (old, old), some leftover HP
printer and Photosmart stuff (I got an Epson instead), some trial Video File
Conversion stuff, Rhapsody (does it even exist anymore?) and the ArcSoft junk
that came with my Epson printer. I also upgraded(?) to IE8.

While all of this did improve performance somewhat, IESHIMS.DLL and WER.DLL
came up missing as well as a very valuable (to me) and difficult to replace
MJPEG video codec (fourcc code MJPG).

The DLL's are definitely gone. The codec may still in the system but
disabled because the DLL's are gone. I don't know. I also don't know the
name of, or from whence, the codec came. It worked fine so I really didn't
pay attention.

To answer the question I'm sure you're asking, Norton Ghost crashed and
damaged my system 3 or 4 times. I uninstalled it. Previously, I had this
crummy version of Retrospect that came with my Maxtor external drive and that
didn't work very well. I uninstalled it to switch to Ghost. After that I
tried to copy the C partition to one on my external drive. Didn't work. I
finally remembered you have to use xcopy, but too late.

Next, XP backup utilities and then Carbonite!!


Turns out I had not only one, but 3 mjpeg codecs on my system!

I did a System Restore back to a date before the aforementioned uninstalls.
Voila! Better than I'd hoped, the dll containing the mjpeg codec reappeared
in System32 and it worked!

I used Sherlock, an excellent program that lists the codecs on your system
and their locations (written by Marc Liron, an MVP!), to find the dlls.
Sherlock listed not one, but 2 mjpeg codecs! A search on the dll name string
yielded a 3rd one (in a .cab file, which is probably why Sherlock didn't
detect it).

Crazy thing to do, huh? Well, it was, because the system was a mess
otherwise, so I made copies of the relevant dlls and went back to the future.
Put one of the dlls containing the codec back in the System32 folder and did
a regsvr32 on it.

Works great. However, apparently I will have to reinstall at least one
program, 'cause it's messed up.

Was it worth it? Depends. The codecs are from Lead Technologies and
considered the best MJPEG codecs around and they ain't cheap if you want to
buy them.

As to IESHIMS.DLL, you can get it and a program to extract it from the file
it's packaged in from Microsoft for nada. But since I was able to register
the dll I needed without it, I'm not going to bother.

WER.DLL is whole 'nother can of worms. Evidently, it contains Windows Error
Reporting stuff. Couldn't find it, but who needs it?

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