IE7 certificate error on hotmail login


James S Clark

environment; XP Home SP2, IE7

i have suddenly started seeing a certificate error page whenever i try to
access my hotmail login page. incidentally it also shows the same error if i
try to access the gmail login page. i've tried a few things from MS & other
support documents, such as viewing and installing the certificate, checking
the time & date on the computer, deleting temp internet files, adding site to
secure sites list, deleting untrusted publishers from the certificate list,
ensuring all MS updates are loaded etc. but none of these steps has made the
slightlest difference.

whilst i'm sure hotmail is really safe, if i get false positives how can i
rely on the warning about a truly dodgy certificate? - it kind of defeats the

i know lots of other people have experienced this problem because theres
stacks of matches on the web from a wide variety of forums but i'd rather see
if any MS folks & community members had an advice before going any further.




James S Clark
Software Developer & Technician
The Coleman Group (UK)

PA Bear [MS MVP]

[What are you smoking?]
go to internet explo>:eek:
Here u will get a list scroll down there will be a security
what u do is Uncheck the box there its written
close the browser and Voila u can log into your Hotmail

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