IE6 security problem with Autocomplete Forms


Jeff G


I'm running WinXP Pro SP1. I don't use IE6 itself, but I use Maxthon which relies on the IE6 platform. I discovered something seriously wrong today while making an online purchase. I've reset my firewall to 'tight' security until this is resolved.

IE6 Autocomplete 'Forms' has stored highly sensitive information which it should not have. The problem comes when I try to remove the information (Tools > Internet Options > Content > Auto Complete > Clear Forms), the browser won't respond and must be closed from the Task Manager. The only things I've tried are to reboot, and to use IE6 instead of Maxthon to perform the task of purging the form information. The only other idea which I've yet to try is to boot to Safe Mode and try the procedure from there.

I've looked at the Microsoft KB articles on Autocomplete in IE6, but none offer any helpful information.

I'm guessing the information is stored in a subdirectory of Documents and Settings. I've browsed through some of the folders labelled Microsoft or Internet Explorer, but I don't know which file needs erased. And I don't want to erase the wrong file and find that I am having problems launching my browser afterwards.

I'm hoping somebody can provide a manual solution to the problem, as I expect that the problem of why IE6 won't perform this task is much more complicated than simply removing the sensitive information manually.

Thank you in advance for your time and considerate help,

Jeff G

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You can delete your autocomplete information using IEHistoryX from . Start application and then select
Autocompletion Tab. Check items you want to delete and press delete
This is a shareware but you can use it for free, without any
limitations for 30 days.

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