ie6 can't connect to Internet


Walter Donavan

Win 2K, all patches and SPs. IE6 SP1 (CD) installed; all patches thereafter
as well.

IE6 worked fine for a long time. Then it quit. I installed the patch (I
think it's Q831167) that MS says to install if IE6 can no longer connect to
the Internet.

It worked OK for a day or two, then quit again.

I removed and reinstalled Q831167. No joy.

I am considering reformatting the hard drive and starting over. The trouble
is, I am in the middle of a doctoral degree program and it would be
inconvenient to spend days rebuilding the system and more weeks and hours to
bring it up to its current level of tweaking.

My system is also dual boot (Win ME), and I use the second system for old
games. Its loss would not be critical.

I could limp along for months if need be, using Mozilla as my browser, but
I'd rather fix the problem if I could.

If I rebuild the system, I think I'd either just use whatever version of IE
came with Win 2K, or install IE6 with no patches. Probably the latter,
'cause I like IE6.

I feel my system would be safe enough without any Windows or IE updates,
since I religiously run and update a suite of security programs (AVG
Antivirus, Sygate Personal Firewall, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and Destroy,
and Spyware Blaster).

If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful.


Have you checked under tools, options, connections, lan
settings and make sure there is no proxy or anything.

Are you also sure you are getting an IP address from your
provider - shell out to DOS and type IPCONFIG and see if
you have a valid IP.


Walter Donavan


Proxy settings was checked. I unchecked it and IE6 works now.

Many thanks!

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