IE 6 problem with huge/different fonts & style sheets



I have a user running IE 6 who is having a problem where the font sizes on
all web pages are much larger than they are supposed to be AND it also
appears that style sheets are not being applied - really strange.

It is NOT caused by the View/Text Size setting in the menu bar. Changing
that to Smallest does make the fonts a little smaller, but they are still
way too large. They are not even the correct font in some cases - they
always seem to be Arial even though we go to pages where I know the font
should be some other font.

View/Encoding is set to Unicode (UTF-8).

Tools/Internet Options/Accessibility window has all boxes UNCHECKED.

The fonts on the Windows desktop itself are normal size, not large fonts.
The display properties has the DPI setting at Normal size (96 DPI), and
other apps such as Word look OK.

There are a minimal number of ActiveX controls/BHO's installed and
virus/spyware scans show nothing unusual.

The page is not zoomed - all bitmap elements (jpg/gif/png) appear as normal

The really strange thing is that in addition to the fonts being too large,
it appears as if style sheets are not being applied. When the user browses
to our intranet site (Sharepoint) for example, there are some areas of the
page that should have background colors and images, but none of them appear
on this user's screen - the background is all white on every site, even
something like

I tried using TweakUI's Repair Font Folder button, but that had no effect.

Any ideas on what else to try?




I am having the same problem with large IE6 type size. It just started
suddenly last night. Did the advanced Restore Defaults and nothing happened.
Any other suggestions??

PA Bear

It'd be best if you started a new thread about /your/ specific problem.
State your Windows and IE versions in your first post, please.




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