Identifying Source Data for Pivot Tables



Is there a way to identify the source data for a pivot table? I have many
worksheets in a workbook, and several sheets containing various pivot tables,
and I would like to confirm the data source when I'm looking at a pivot

Thanks for any info.

Ron Coderre

The free Pivot Play add-in, available at Debra Dalgleish's website,
displays the sources of all Pivot Tables on a worksheet.

(Among its features, it allows you to change the data
locations and queries of any external data sources)

Is that something you can work with?
Post back if you have more questions.


Microsoft MVP (Excel)
(XL2003, Win XP)


While clicked somewhere within the pivot table in question, Click the Pivot
Table Wizard on the PivotTable toolbar, then press "<Back". That should show
you the data source.

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