Idea is for Exchange Server and Single Use Address.


Michael Ahmed

Problem - Users both in the corp. and personal are required to often give out
their email accounts to sign up for various features from vendors. The
problem is this information is often shared to may others and results in a
great deal of spam.

Solution - Create a service in Exchange that allows the user to create a
random alias (system generated) (e-mail address removed) address that
includes only one sender in its white list. Example, you want to sign up for
a Product newsletter and want to ensure that if your information is sold, you
do not receive spam. In your Outlook client your start the “Single Use
Address†wizard, you enter in the domain name of the company you want to
receive email from and the duration that you want to address valid for 10min
to forever. The system then generates your random address number and
displays it for you. This then creates a server side rule on the Exchange
server. You use this number at the website that is asking for your email
address. For that one website, this is a totally functioning email address
and causes no issues at all. But if someone else gets and uses that email
address, the Exchange server will see that it’s not from the user intended
sender and block it. It can now inform the user about this issue, letting
them know that that website has sold or shared their information with others.

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