Icon/Macros disappearing



Platform: Win XP Pro Sp3.
I have tried to permanately set new icons up on toolbars. Icons for Macros
which I pull from the "Customise/Macro/ Assign etc" If matters not whether I
Unhide/Hide the Personal.Xls, or whether I simply set up in a common sheet,
etc. The Icons/Macros work like a charm when installed, then I close, saving
etc, saving the Personal.XLS where/if required.
Then bingo, when I restart Excel, the Icons/Macros that I have carefully
installed, simply are not to be seen.
Yes I have accessed as Administrator, just me, or whatever, No luck.
What am I doing wrong??
Oh and a Happy Christmas to one and all!



Gord Dibben

Please do not multi-post.

See one reply to your other post in programming group.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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