IBM Thinkpad A30 with Win XP Cant get it to Hibernate or suspend


Scott Townsend

I've wipped my IMN A30 thinkpad and put on Win XP. I can seem to get
the unit to go into suspend or hibernate.

I've installed the latest BIOS 1.18, the patest IBM PM Software and
did the Automated thing to turn on Hibernation and it tells me its
already on...

I do not get hibernare or suspend in the Shutdown selection and the
Fn-F4 and Fn-F12 do not do anything...

Suggestions and comments Welcome,




Nathan McNulty

Two things. First, click Start-Control Panel-Power Options and check the
settings. Make sure that you have suspend and hibernation support
enabled. Second thing, is the option for suspend grayed out when you
select to Turn Off the computer or does it just not even show up?

Also, you may need to check your settings in the BIOS. Good luck ;)

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