Gary Davidson

Hi All,

IAS (Radius) is pretty new to me but heres are scenario and problem.

I've built up a Windows 2003 server and installed IAS, the server
hastwo NIC's, one internal one external and within the policies of IAS
no external traffic is permitted onto the internal network.

I have a large number of sites that dial into site every night. They
dial into a 3COM RAS 1500 (I don't have a password to get into this
but it has worked in the past) which communicates with my win2k3
server. Eventually the dial in connection is lost, error - Incorrect
Username or password.

I have created an account for the user id, it has dial in permission,
the server is a member of RAS and IAS group. I have captured the
network traffic and seen errors regarding unknown port UDP 2050
between the 3com box and win2k3 server. I have left the radius ports
at default. I can see that the user id is being supplied to the
server. I know the shared secret is ok.

Also when I try and configure RRAS on the win2k3 server it tells me
that the ICF service is running and should be disabled - IT is, but I
can't configure RRAS. It says its started but unconfigured yet I
can't do anything with it. Does this need to e configured and if so
how do I get around it?

Any help and enlightenment would be great.



Manjari Bonam [MSFT]

Disable the Firewall on the RRAS Server and diable the configuration on the
RRAS Server. Re configure again from scratch.

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