I need help figuring out this formula in Excel



I am taking a class & need help with this question. If you enter 5B21C2 in
cell B1 of a worksheet (keep in mind it's a make believe worksheet), the
formula is replaced by the number 125 when you press enter. What happened?
Second part is using the worksheet from above, you change the number in cell
B2 from 55 to 65. What happens to the number in the cell B1? Why? I can't
find anywhere in the book how to (+,-* or /) or any other math direction
involving a formula like above. Due to that I have no idea how to answer
either one of these questions. Please Help!



Bob Phillips

It sounds like there is event code that is monitoring the cell (or cells),
and stripping out any non-numeric characters.

With the information provided, there is nothing to show that B1 would change
if B2 is changed.



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Dana DeLouis

If you enter 5B21C2 in cell B1, the
formula is replaced by the number 125 when you press enter. What
How about Tools | AutoCorrect ? where Excel is changing the Text "5B21C2"
into the number 125?
You are entering text, especially since you are not entering a "=" first.
However, we know it's not a function because (1) it would be entered as
"=5B21C2", and (2) a function name can not start with a number.
If you do enter it as "=5B21C2", Excel asks to change this meaningless
address to its best guess of =BC5212.




there could be event code attached to the cell (leave
event) that converts the 5B21C2 from Hexidecemal to
decimal then performs some other translation.

Try this in cell C1 "=HEX2DEC(B1)/47779.344"

It might be a starting point for you.

Good luck!

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