I have accidently made my backup Freecom External HDD active



In trying to partition my external Freecom External HDD I accidently
made the Freecom drive active. I wanted to partition it so that I
could load a mirror image of my C:/ drive on it. I understand that in
this state I now cannot boot from this disc. (the Freecom HDD)

I used the Windows XP tools to do the job but cannot find a way to de-
activate it.

Can anyone help?




maybe you can
go to admin tools
and computer management
and right click on your
system partition and
select the option to
make it active....


db ·´¯`·.¸. said:
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I assume your "Freecom External HDD" is a USB device, i.e., a USB external
HDD. Is that right?

Ordinarily, you cannot boot from a USBEHD in an XP environment even if you
clone the contents of your internal HDD containing the XP OS onto that
USBEHD. I assume that's what you mean when you refer to "load(ing) a mirror
image of my C:/ drive on it."

While it is possible to uninstall a HDD containing the XP OS from a USB
external enclosure and re:installing the drive as an internal HDD in the
system and thus achieve "bootability" that way, most commercial USB external
enclosures containing the factory-installed HDD are not designed to
facilitate that process. And is surely would void the manufacturer's

Assuming you're using a disk imaging/disk cloning program such as Symantec's
Ghost or Acronis True Image or some such, you could, however, clone the
contents back from your USBEHD to a non-defective internal HDD and restore
your system that way.

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