I could use some help.



My desktop has been acting up . I get the following errors:

The Specified module could not be found.


dwwin.exe- Bad Image
Dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\1033\dwintl.dll
Is not a valid Windows image

I could really use some help with these two problems.

Also, my computer tends to freeze up when I enter a folder I created in "My
Documents" called "Downloads."

On another note, I have also experienced issues with Windows Paint and
Windows Program Captibilty Wizard being deleted. Does anyone know how I
could get them back. I have tried to reinstall Service Pack 2, but that did
not do anything.

Thanks for any help.

Andrew E.

Try run,type:cmd In cmd type:Sfc /Scannow Install xp cd,exit the info page.
When its thru,type:CHKDSK C: /F Agree,type:EXIT Remove cd,restart pc.

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