http1.1/500 Internal Server Error



Hi everyone ! Sorry for my English skill

I'm using Win2003 Server (Enterprise). I setup Visual Studio 2003. Setup
completed without any errors. After that I tried to create new Web project
and I got error message "http1.1/500 Internal Server Error....".
I also searched in Internet and got some solution:

Solution 1: Reinstall IIS
Solution 2: Using these following commands:
+ iisreset /stop
+ aspnet_regiis /i
+ aspnet_regiis /r
Solution 3: Get full permission to folder

I tried all but it didn't work
Can anybody help me?
Thank for all replies

Joshua Flanagan

Another thing to try is to check which web extensions are enabled (in
IIS Admin Tool). Make sure ASP.NET is enabled (and ASP if you are using
classic .asp files too).

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