Have you tried doing a System Restore to a point in time before you started
experiencing this problem then try deleting again ?

So does the same thing happen when you reboot into Safe Mode to then
eradicate the pest?

Have you scanned your system with your Antivirus (updated) in Safe Mode ?
Can you tell me what antivirus product you are running?

Have you scanned your system for malware (spyware, adware, trojans, and
other pests) using other tools, like Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, a-Squared, ewido,
Spyware Doctor, Pest Patrol (online)?

Donload and Install SuperAntiSpyware (Free)

Scan Your Computer With the F-Secure Online Virus Scanner

Also have a look to this URLs provided by Dave M.
- - ---
-- - - -

- -- --

Please follow the above sugestions

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.

Good luck
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Anonymous Bob

scotgmo2 said:
HELP! I keep getting a pop up on my screen saying i may have spyware on my
computer with a yes and no button on it if you say no or close it, it just
pops back up later if you click yes you go to the site below

and windows defender doesnt remove whatever this is what can i do?

AvSystemCare is rogue software:

If the problem remains after following Engel's advice, download and run

Please let us know what fixes the problem or if the problem remains.

You really should tighten your security settings.

Bob Vanderveen

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