HTML emails always render as text only (no HTML at all)



Platform: Vista Ultimate / Office 2007

All of the HTML emails I receive are rendered in TXT only. I
understand that outlook 2007 uses Word's (degraded) HTML capabilities
to compose and view HTML messages; however, I'm not getting any HTML -
message is displayed in the plain text.

If i connect to the email server with "Microsoft Mail" (as delivered
with Vista), the HTML email will render.

Again, I understand that the HTML rendering may not be ideal in 2007,
however, I'm getting just plain text.

Can someone point me to a setting, or something else I may have

Many thanks!




I think that you'll find what you need under Tools | Trust Center | E-mail
Security. There's an option called "Read all standard mail in plain text"
about half-way down that dialog.

It is also possible for some anti-virus software to force all e-mail to be
read in plain text form, too.


I have Outlook 2003 so 2007 should be even smarter? I believe under
Tools>Options>Mail format is it's set at "plain text" then that's what you'd
get. Rich text or HTML should keep the link intact.





I'm sorry I didn't catch your replies until now. I'm not getting notified of
replies in a consistent manner.

I'm glad you got it fixed. I'll experiment with this, as I was unaware that
the images setting had this effect.

I can think of a couple of possible solutions to your concern about spammers
knowing when they successfully delivered an e-mail to your account, depending
upon type of account, effectiveness of spam filters, etc.

I used to just leave images enabled but have all mail delivered as plain
text. Then, upon receipt, I could choose in the preview window whether or not
I wanted to view as html and / or download pictures.

Nowadays, I just leave html mail and images enabled, but I don't allow
delivery until I've looked at the headers. At that point I judge between what
gets deleted from the server, and what actually gets delivered to my inbox.

I hope you find a solution that's satisfactory for you.

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