HP Wireless Keyboard + Mouse



My HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (Model # 5187URF2+, look it up) is giving
me problems. After about every 5 minutes, it says, "Replace your wireless
mouse [or keyboard] battery," or, "The wireless mouse [or keyboard] will no
longer function. Replace the battery now!" Now, the mouse and keyboard are
working fine, so this alert was going on too often to actually be warning me
of battery life. I contacted HP Customer Care and they told me to disable the
HID-compliant consumer control device under Human Interface Devices on the
Device Manager. There were two of these there, so i assumed one was for the
keyboard and one for the mouse, but that didn't make any sense because both
he keyboard and the mouse shared a USB receiver. I experimented. One did
nothing at all, and the other one disabled the alert,which was my goal, but
also disables all my media keys, which I use a lot. The two have no relation
to each other. I contacted HP again, and said that this was a known issue and
are working on it.

That's where I am now. I was thinking of a registry hack of some sort to
disable the battery alert but keep the media keys.

It seems to be originating from C:/hp/kbd/KBD.exe. It's not an error so to
speak, so it has no code or information.

I know it's kind of vague, but that's all I got. Try to make at least a
half-baked answer, please.


Never mind, I think I answered my own question. I just deleted the
C:\hp\KBD\img folder and everything's a-ok. Anyone who has this issue try it,
i havn't had any adverse effects yet.

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