HP Scanjet 4890 Problems



I have an HP Scanjet 4890 scanner which is connected to a Macintosh
computer, and am having three problems with it.

1: Usually, I turn the scanner on, then turn the computer on. The
scanner software, when I try to run it, says "Error: Scanner not
initialized (scanner not found)." I then have to Shut Down the computer
completely (a Restart doesn't work-- it has to be a Shut Down) and
start it again, while keeping the scanner on, to get it to be

2: Sometimes, when I scan 35mm B&W film, it comes out blurry.

3: Sometimes, the scanner or the scanner software crops a photo
incorrectly, so that although it is the right size, it is cropped
right, left, above or below of where I wanted it to be.

Please help!




I'm sorry to hear you are having problems.

1. Check if HP has a newer version of their driver. Otherwise, I would
return the scanner and get a different brand.
2. If it's too old then it's time for a new one.
3. Auto-cropping isn't perfect. I haven't seen HP software in a few
years, but I would bet it hasn't gotten any easier to do things

Good luck with that.



For 1: I have the newest version of the software-- in fact, I got the
new software to fix problems 2 and 3 but it started causing problem 1.

For 2: Sorry, I don't think I understood. Please clarify.

For 3: I am cropping it manually-- it just misinterprets what I said
when I click "Accept".


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