HP Photosmart 7550



HP Photosmart 7550 Printer support for Windows Vista? Printer fails to
complete the install process.
Printer installed on dual boot system, working fine on xp side. any ideas
would be appreciated
Thank You

Bruce Arnold

Here's what I did to fix my USB connected Photosmart 7150...

1. Install newest XP drivers from HP.
2. Update Device Mgr IEEE and DOT drivers to "Usb Printing". They will
then move to the USB section.
3. Install printer as HP 990C.
4. If HP install just sits there waiting for a printer response, don't
If you do, the install will then uninstall itself. Instead, just kill the
install process in the task manager. ( Hpxxxx.exe )



Thanks Bruce for your suggestions, but it didn’t work. It is so frustrating…
the last little piece of the puzzle and I can’t make it fit. Even my Old HP
scanner works… but no place to print it. WD250 HD, Multi Boot System, ATI 256
mb video card, 1GB Memory.. HP said they are working on new drivers… Guess
I’ll just put my print documents in a folder and log on over to XP to print
them. I also noticed other Posting Dated back to June, with no solutions.

Peter M

HP have stated no drivers til Vista is final. Bruce tho is on the right
track. I have a Photosmart 7150 that I'm using vista's 7400 drivers and it
works fine. In dev manager to do this there should be just two IEEE entries
and no hpgu11 (something like that). The first (top) ieee entry you upgrade
the driver to ieee compatible printer, the second ieee you upgrade to usb
printing support. If all goes well, under your USB section in dev manager
you should have USB Printer Support. Then go to add printer, when it asks
for what kind of connection, choose virtual usb printer port, then from the
printer list choose whats closest to your printer.

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