Howto get ssl client certificates working in my setup?




I'm trying to get client certificates working on two of my systems. One
is w2k professional (lets call it WS), the second is w2k server (lets
call this one TS). Certificate server is installed on TS, so I can
generate server and client certificates. Both machines have SP4. I'm
using IIS5. Browser is IE6.

On both machines the server certificate is working fine. Just a missing
root certificate message in the browser, but after having installed one
in my browser that's fixed.

On WS I cannot get client certificates working?

After getting the server certificate I expect a popupbox to appear
allowing me to select a client certificate to send, instead I
immediately get the message "The page requires a client certificate".

On TS client certificates work ok when accessing the server by it's ip#
(the popup appears), but when using the hostname it doesn't work (I get
the error message) ?

What could it be?
Does any of you have client certificates working succesfully with IIS5 ?

I used the following guides:

btw. I skipped the part in (1).





j00p said:
When I browse the server (TS) from my workstation (WS), server and
client certificates seem to work. But unfortunately I don't get a
popupbox to select a certificate, it seems to skip this :(
Hmm... it does work, but only when I browse to it using it's IP# or a
hostname that's different from the hostname I used in the certificate.

I do want the popup working on a remote machine as well ;)
I still would like to have the popup. Not only when another hostname or
the IP# is used, but always.

Perhaps you can help me?


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