How upgrade VS2005/ASP.NET app to .NET Framework 3.5?


Ronald S. Cook

If I understand correctly, the framework version and Visual Studio version
are not intertwined?

Assuming so, how do I (first) find out what framweork my VS2005 ASP.NET
application is targeting (think its 2.0 currently)?

Then, how do I "make it" use the 3.5 Framework?

I know if I opened the project using VS2008, it would prompt me to upgrade,
but I need to do this from VS2005.

Thanks for any help.



Norman Yuan

..NET 3.5 IS .NET2.0 plus some added stuff: WCF,WF, WPF. In the case of
ASP.NET app, it still run on .NET2.0. If you need to use .NET3.0 feature in
your ASP.NET app, you can patck your VS2005 with WF add-in (formal release)
and/or WCF -add-in (only community preview release). However, if you do not
use WF and/or WCF, then you do not need anything else: VS2005 is all you
need for .NET2.0 ASP.NET app.

However, if you have VS2008, you can update your VS2005 project to VS2008
project and still target .NET2.0 only. Unless you have to do SQL Server
reporting servicces report design, you do not need VS2005 any more.



Mark Fitzpatrick

That's incorrect. VS 2005 was designed to work with 2.0. It will not
upgrade to new functionality. I also don't believe it was designed to
downgrade to ASP.Net 1.x but I do remember some hacks that could be done
after-the fact.

VS 2008 supports multi-targeting of framework versions so it could do the
3.5 framework or the 2.0 for ASP.Net.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - Expression

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