How to view task bar on 2 lines in Outlook 2003


Al 410

When I customize the tool bar to the way I like in Outlook 2003 it looks
great, but when I close it the second line is not displayed. I know that if
I click the blue arrow to the right of the displayed line I can see the
second line, but I would rather that it be visible.
When I go to customize under view, the "display tool and formatting
bars on two lines" is grayed out. I can't figure out where to turn it on.

Roady [MVP]

Which toolbar in which window?
You mean the main Outlook interface?
That option is grayed out because there is no "Formatting" toolbar in the
main Outlook interface. A formatting toolbar is only shown when composing a
new item.

What is your "second toolbar"?
If this is a toolbar of a 3rd party addin, you'll have to contact that
vendor and ask if they can add the feature that will remember the position
of their toolbar in Outlook.

Al 410

The tool bar that I use is called the "Standard". I find it by right
clicking the view bar which runs along the top, and then I open the customize
selection. I then choose what I want to add to this bar and it adds the
icons on the first line and continues onto a second line. When I close the
window the second line disappears from view.

Perhaps I am not describing where this toolbar is located. When I open
the main interface for my email, along the top row are the words FILE, EDIT,
VIEW, INSERT, FORMAT, TOOLS, ACTIONS, and HELP. The tool bar is listed under
VIEW and is called "Standard"

I am not sure what you mean by "the Outlook Interface", but the easiest
way for me to describe it is if you open up "View" on the top line and then
open "Tool bars" this is the bar that I am trying to get to keep 2 lines

I am not using a "second toolbar", or a third party action.

Roady [MVP]

The main Outlook interface is the main Outlook window; the one you see when
you startup Outlook. You can edit its toolbar just like you can edit the
toolbar when opening or composing an item. These are all different and also
behave differently ;-)

You are talking about a single toolbar being displayed at 2 toolbar lines.
That is not possible. This "overflow" of the toolbar is only visible when
editing the toolbar but not when displaying it. What you can do it to create
a Toolbar of your own and then add the items that you want to display on the
second line to it. Drag and drop of the icon will work to move the items to
your newly defined toolbar when you have the toolbar opened for editing.

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