Outlook 2007 tasks timeline view corrupt how to reset?




In outlook 2007 in tasks, timeline view, I have made a change to the view.
I choose all datafields and choose one off them as enddate (sorry I don’t
recall which).

The view chanced but not the way I want, but now it’s impossible to edit ore
reset the view (which is the standard).

When I choose (sorry we have a Dutch version I try to translate)

“\view\current_view\change_current_view†(second from bottom).

Or when I choose

“\beeld\huidige_weergaven\weergave_bepalen†-> “\view\current_view\view….â€
(last one in the list).

I get a error messages “sorry error program has to be closed send report?â€
now further info. Then the program restarts.

When I am not in the timeline view and I go to to:

“\beeld\huidige_weergaven\weergave_bepalen†-> “\view\current_view\view….â€
(last one in the list).

The list opens and I see the timeline view in the list. I want to select it
to reset it (is a option). But when go to the click on the line (timeline
view) or go to it with up/down cursor, when the line is selected I get the
error message again and Outlook closes.

How can I reset the view. Re-install is not a nice option, it’s a live
terminal server with 15 users and a customized office a lot. I think it would
cost me several days.

Manny thanks


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