how to view remote desktop without user authorization




I know that if I install a service like TightVNC or pcanywhere, I am
able to view the remote desktop without authorization. Is this
possible with remote desktop? Currently I can log into remote
machines without user authorization, however i am not able to view to
current desktop the user is logged in as.


Steven L Umbach

I believe what you are referring to is Remote Assistance which will allow
you to view a user's desktop but only with their permission. The user can
request assistance or you can configure Group Policy to offer assistance
without the user initiating it, but you will not be able to view the desktop
until the user approves it. The link below explains more. --- Steve


I've used netmeeting remote desktop sharing. YOu can activate it by opening
netmeeting, then selecting the remote desktop sharing option and then
shutting down netmeeting.
YOu can then make a secure call to the IP address and control the desktop.
This., however, willl give control of the desktop (and you are going to see
it). However, you will not be able to just see the desktop. Obviously, you
need to be an admin in the remote machine for this to work.


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