How to use the same email account for two users in XP


Martin C

My PC uses Win XP Home SP3 and Outlook 2003.

I currently use Outlook Express for our email, but as I am about to
reinstall XP on a new PC, I was thinking of moving over to Outlook.

As we don't really get much in the way of emails (all say Ahh!), I have one
account that is used by both my wife and myself. As most messages are for
both of us, this has never been an issue.

With OE6, I am able to share a common address book and message rules
(although with a little work once in a while).

Is this possible with Outlook?

My PC has 3 accounts, mine, my wifes, and my son's. What I want is that the
same email account can be used from an XP login for myself and my wife's.

As for OE6, I would want to share the address book, email folders and

Please advise.



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