how to trasfer files to pc from wince


bluesky liu

hi !everybody

now i have a questiong: how can l trasfer files to pc from device
installed windows ce OS.l have connected tow devices(one installed pc
and another installed wince)by ethernet,and it can also get IP each
other(by ping) ,but it can't see the each other from another, how to
trasfer files? l must to program an application to do it ? help!



Darren Shaffer

if your device is connected to your PC with Activesync, just use File
on PC to navigate to My Computer and Mobile device and copy the files.

from device, you can run File Explorer and Open a new mapping to a share
on your PC. then copy and paste from device to the share on your PC. you
need to create a share on your PC and refer to your PC by IP address as
you map to the share if there is no WINS entry on your PC.


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