How to transfer iPhone contacts along with contact photos to pc?



Many iPhone users have asked how to transfer iPhone contacts along with contact photos to their pc. They need to backup their contacts somewhere in case of data loss, especially for those who have so many important clients’ contacts on their iPhone. They just need a way to backup their iPhone contacts. What shall they do?
Here I'd like to share my experience in this :
I used this iPhone Contact to PC Backup program called Tansee iPhone Transfer Contact[] to transfer and backup all my contacts from my iPhone to my computer.

What can it help you?
- Backup contacts on iPhone memory to a file
- Export two types of file format (ANTS file, TXT file)
- Backup iPhone contact’s photos
- Export full screen of iPhone contact’s photos
- View contacts in TXT file format or ANTC file format on PC
- Supports password protection to keep privacy
Contacts Transfer Guides: how to transfer contacts[]

Nov 5, 2011
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I free download Cucusoft iphone backup tool kits just now.

My friends recommend to me just now.this is a useful iphone to PC backup software.

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