How to subset the GAL - Member Of a group I want


Biz User

I am using Outlook 2000 with Exchange.
I need to retrieve all people from a particular "Member
Of" in the name properties.

There are many many names in the Global Address List, but
I don't see the group membership I want unless I double-
click on a name from the GAL and view the "Member Of" tab.

How can I refer to just that Member Of string I want?

I guess one way would be to cycle through all names in the
GAL and check the member of property and then pull out the
name, but how do I do that?




Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]

The Member Of values aren't available through Outlook VBA or CDO for entries
in the Global Address List, but are available for Contact entries in your
Outlook folders. I'm not sure how you'd get them. Anybody?

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