How to show slides while the workstation is locked




I am wondering if there is a setting or an add-in to allow me show slides
while the computer is locked.

We are trying to display several slides on a LCD TV (second display) and let
them loop for ever. For security concern, we need to lock the workstation.
However, when Ctrl-Alt-Del is hit, the slides are gone and the desktop is
back even if powerpoint is in full screen mode.

Is it possible to keep the slides showing while having the computer locked?
We want to avoid purchasing a cabinet to physically lock the computer.



This is not possible in Windows XP since it uses a different desktop when
the desktop is locked. An alternative is to display PowerPoint slide show
through screen saver. So, when user tries to come out of it, they face a
password screen.

- Chirag

PowerShow - View multiple PowerPoint slide shows simultaneously


Thank you for the quick reply, Chirag. Do you know if there is a known macro
or sample code to create screensaver from slides?

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