How to show cell selection when excel not in focus + other questio


Jim E

Is there a way to make excel (Office 2003 sp3 in my case) show what cell, row
or column is highlighted when I focus on another window? I typically want to
refer to the current cell or row while working in another application or
window. When Excel loses focus, it also stops displaying the current cell,
or the selected or highlighted row or column.

Is there a way to make excel (and other office 2003 applications) behave the
way the rest of windows applications do? For example,

1) When I minimize Excel (or Word or Outlook) it comes up as the first
selection with Alt + Tab to jump between windows. All other applications go
to the last of the alt+tab list. I want Office products to act the same as
other applications for consistency.

2) Other applications, when the window is out of focus and you click on the
file drop down, you will get the file menu. When Excel is not in focus, and
you click on the file drop down menu, Excel only focuses the window, and you
have to click on the menu again to get the actual menu.

I have other instances of similar frustration, but I will save those for
another post.





One way I have found as a workaround is to copy the cell even if I'm not
going to paste it using Ctrl-C. This puts the dashed lines around the cell.

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