How to set Outlook calendar registry entries

Nov 26, 2009
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I would like to add Public Holidays and Closures to Outlook calendar‘s for all the users in my network. These Holidays must respect the a customized calendar called, for example, “ enea”.

My idea is to update all the PC’s by a script which should make two actions:

1. Replacing the original file OUTLOOK.HOL with another one modified by me.

Once this is done I can go on tools>options then Calendar options> add Holidays and in the “Add Holidays to Calendar” windows I will find enea. By selecting it and confirming with OK I add in my Outlook calendar a customized calendar named enea.

2. Set the “enea” calendar registry entries.

The scope of second step is to update the calendar in silent mode by modifying some registry key.

My problem: I’m looking for the key concerned by the second step. Can someone help me, please?

Others informations:

Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007 (the sever is shared so I cannot modify anythinks on it)




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