how to refresh a query in subform



I have a form has a subform. the subfrom is based on query to calculate an
average values. in the subform there is a button to open another form which
is called employee grades form.
the problem is , when I open the employee grades which is for adding grades
for employee , the average values for all employees do not show unless close
the main for and reopen it .
I try to put a macro to refresh the sub form but dose not work.
can any body help me please.



Roger Carlson

I can't really tell from your question what's going on. However, on my
website (, is a small Access database sample
called "SubformReference.mdb" which illustrates how to reference a number of
things on subforms and subsubform, including requerying a subform. Perhaps
that will help

--Roger Carlson
MS Access MVP
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