How to re-format & re-install W2K


John Farrer

I want to re-format my W2K boot drive C: drive (NTFS) and install W2K afresh
but I can't do it. If I use the W2K CD-Rom or the 4 startup disks I'm not
given the option to re-format. I can install over the existing W2K but that
will not completely clean drive C: which is what I require.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

John Farrer
Binfield Draughting
Berkshire, U.K.

John Farrer

Thank you for the reply but my Pentium 200 MHz and Intel Endeavour
motherboard with all SCSI disks is too old to have the CD boot option in

John Farrer

Bjorn Landemoo


When you are asked where to install Win2000 you will have an option to
delete current partitions. If you delete the partition you get the option
to create a new partition, You can then select this newly created partition
as your target, and setup will format it before proceeding.

Best regards


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