How to protect template generated document allowing some text edit

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Narayana Reddy Bommu


I am working with word templates having macro forms in it. I use
auto-text entries of 15-20 pages along with bookmarks giving options to the
user in macros. The user can insert the name, address and check or uncheck
the desired autotext entries(i.e autotext entries have bookmarks where the
bookmark text will be replaced by the user inserted fields). After insertion,
the generated document will be protected. There is a problem in the
protection of this generated document from template. I need the generated
document (i.e after user entered his requirements in the template) to be
protected in such a way that user can make changes only to specific bookmarks
in the generated document (i.e even for auto-text entered bookmarks- name,
address, etc in the protected document). The generated document should be
well protected allowing only changes in the required bookmarks. Can you help
me in the option of editing the bookmarks in the generated document(i.e
protected one)? Should I insert any code in macros VBA or make use of the MS
word protection options directly? I see the option of editing desired text in
the normal protected word document.

In VBA, I noticed the four options ActiveDocument.Protect( )
[wdallowonlyreading, wdallowonlyformfields,wdnoprotection,etc]. I am unable
to get the required result. Please, help me in this urgently. Hoping your
positive action soon.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

This newsgroup is primarily for end users. For programming issues, you would
be better advised to post in one of the Word VBA NGs, such as

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